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Beautiful Jessie takes her initiation flawlessly
This is a near-perfect scene: Jessie is so beautiful and so sweetly submissive. Alana is a masterful initiator--the way she catches Jessie off-guard with pies mid-sentence; the sudden pulling down of her dress, and the bucket on the head at the end--Jessie is softly humiliated but it's not overdone and she never stops smiling. I do wish a few more pies had been applied direct to Jessie's stunning body... and it's hard not to wish those knickers had come off for a pussy pie! But this is a high-water-mark for initiation scenes--sublime work.
-Toto97    3/13/24    
Good quality and models but missed on content (for me)
I was really excited about this one however, somewhat disappointed. More my personal preference but not much coverage (on clothing); no shots of her Jordan's getting messy/wet (which was a big reason I purchased) and the scene when they were washing off at the end was only about 5 seconds or so. Could've been a 10 for me but missed those points. Otherwise, great film quality and great models!
-soppingjeans    11/20/23    
Firm and natural body covered in orgasmic mess.
Oh Abi is a dream come true. Sitting completely nude on a chair showing off her beautiful hairy legs. It's so natural and atypical with today's society that one gets very excited when we see a beautiful woman showing off her body the way nature intended it to be. Her awesome hairy arm pits as well as her beautiful hairy pussy get covered in mess. It's so orgasmic to see the mess clinging to her hairy, fit and firm body. Abi has wonderful breasts and tits that show she gets aroused when the mess flow off her body; sure to have you masturbating before the video's ending!
-muddyfeet    9/30/23    
Pied in Park to Messybabe all-in-one day
Coming fresh off her 'Pied in the Park' debut, and waiting for her clothes to finish in the wash, Sophia decides she wants to become a Babe and gets initiated by Alana. Still a little nervous at first about all the pies, Sophia takes to the mess like a natural. By the end Alana has stripped her dress down, leaving us with a breathtaking view of Sophia's round and juicy booty as she smears cream all over it. Sophia is cute and bubbly, with a great laugh.
-LordAndarian    2/6/23    
Extra footage of Ruth completely covered in honey and syrup.
A little additional footage from Honey Ruth. There's some great shots of her spinning around in the tub showing off her hair completely covered in honey and chocolate syrup. Compliments part 1 nicely if you're looking for a little more.
-GungedHairFan    8/31/22    
Ruth gets really really messy.
Ruth seems a little reluctant to get tons of honey and syrup dumped all over her pretty hair, but she saddles through it and boy oh boy does she ever get messed up. Great hair coverage, complete heavy honey gooeyness all over her crown and then chocolate syrup.
-GungedHairFan    8/31/22    
Wonderful follow up to part 1.
Follow up to teen chocolate dream 1. Hailey is now completely covered... so what next? More chocolate syrup. There's some great shots of her hair from behind getting chocolate syrup poured all down her lovely locks. Some great chocolate syrup hair play.
-GungedHairFan    8/9/22    
Cute teen is introduced to chocolate syrup.
Hailey is absolutely gorgeous and gets a ridiculous amount of chocolate syrup poured all over her pretty hair. Her hair gets absolutely coated 100% and it's a wonderful thing.
-GungedHairFan    8/9/22    
It's Good!
One of the best Mud vieos i've seen, for what i beleive are the following points.


2.In Real Mud

3.Goes to town on herself.

4.And Seems to love it.

5.With great camera work and natural lighting.

I normally find sexi messy babes a bit pricey but this is definatly worth it.
-snmlst    6/14/22    
Great mess, horrible camera angles
Girls are Hot!

Mess is great!

Camera angle sucks! That is why I didn't give it a better review. For the price, it should have had better views where the girls are on the shot 100 percent of the time. This is the same thing that SlapstickStuff does and it is relatively annoying when you are paying good money for a scene. note to producers, make sure your subject is in the frame.
-wannapienaked    5/1/22    
Terra--From stylishly dressed to sexily messed
Sexy Latina Terra returns after her initial encounter with Alana in 'Pied in the Park' for her sexymessybabe initiation. Keeping up a casual conversation Alana pies the heck out of Terra before turning her around to show off her juicy booty (the perfect target for Alana's next pie). Shortly after, Terra's lbd comes off, allowing Blackstrap molasses and chocolate batter, followed by more pies turning Terra into a sexy mess. A beautiful woman Terra has a great personality, sense of humor, and is sexy as hell in the mess. And as a bonus? We get to see Alana in her tight lbd. So sexy! Definitely worth getting.
-LordAndarian    4/22/22    
Thanks, Bonnie and Alana
She made me cum so fast. Got tied up, showing her sweaty armpits after cheers, and her white shirt got dirtier. Got some tortures from the balloons. I planned to cum at the end of the video but could not resist.
-Gggg123    4/6/22    
Love it very much
Love it very much. geat video got p1 from other stuff and got this and love it all it is amazing! so much messy and slop is amazing!
-spacewam    2/11/22    
Absolutely stunning! She is a Goddess!
Jessie has to be one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Promo the promo pics alone she looks amazing and the video goes that one step further. She has the most amazing figure and as absolutely gorgeous! A funny and playful video with lots of glittery bits in the bath and all sorts of colourful liquids on her body. Absolutely stunning! She is a Goddess!
-wamanda    1/18/22    
This scene hits all the right notes!
This is one of those scenes that I saw the promo, level of mess and outfits and just had to throw down. Worth every penny!
-wamguy65    1/14/22    
Ines is sexy. The pies are great. The washdown is hilarious.
I mostly pic videos for the models, and Ines is stunning. The pies are great, and the wash-off with the disapproving fountain tech is hilarious. the consistency of the mess is perfect. I hope Ines comes back for more videos. Her attitude shines through in a way that really enhances the visuals. I'd love to see her in a pie fight with Alana. And hopefully she'd be willing to end up in something a little more revealing. Lovely model, and great video.
-Myds    1/7/22    
From Student to Babe in 48hrs!
In a whirlwind 48hrs (it seems) Aeri went from unsuspecting bystander pied and humiliated on "Pied in the Park" to her full-blown Sexy Messy Babe initiation with Mistress Alana (sneakily getting a friend pied in the process too). Aeri's initiation does not disappoint as this cute and sexy college student (don't ask her to do math, really!) gleefully pleads with Alana to initiated her as a Babe. Pies, slime, and batter pours come thick and fast as Alana transforms Aeri from cute college student to a messy pie/slime slut. Highlights include Alana pieing Aeri's juicy booty, watching how much Aeri enjoys having cream on her C-cup tits, Aeri getting pied on all fours. Aeri has an infectious fun sexy attitude. Highly recommend.
-LordAndarian    12/17/21    
Jennifer, a beautiful and sexy blonde babe gets messy.
I love watching this scene, Jennifer is very hot and watching her get pied was awesome. The only thing I would like see different is the chocolate syrup should've been poured down her top and yoga pants. I keeping my fingers crossed she does more scenes.
-HomerJ220    7/28/21    
From Fitness to Pied Messy Babe
In her third return video after her 'Pied in the Park' debut fitness yoga babe Roxanne starts out in yoga pants and top, losing a planking challenge (she lasts 1:47sec), before getting pied, nutella covered, slimed, and covered in cream. Roxanne is excited to be getting pied, showing off her juicy round booty and bouncing her soft tits before Alana begins her transformation from fitness babe to messy babe. Roxanne gets pied in the ass, bouncing on all the cream before getting dunked and going topless later on before getting covered in more chocolate. Well worth the purchase.
-LordAndarian    6/30/21    
Bailey becomes a MessyBabe
While the set up is very similar to the other initiation videos for sexymessybabes, the details are different as the curvaceous and sexy Bailey gets pied, slimed, and dunked by Mistress Alana. Bailey, who is stunningly sexy (and has a deliciously juicy booty), clearly falls much more on the dom side of the switch. The ensuing snarky banter back and forth between Alana and Bailey is as much fun as watching Alana cream, then slime Bailey's big booty. Bailey winds up totally covered, and even sexier for it by the end of the video. Includes outtakes from after Alana finished the storyline video.
-LordAndarian    5/26/21    
Fantastic Custom for a Good Price!
Alana and her team did a fantastic job with the custom scene I commissioned: the scenario was acted out exactly as I wanted and the result exceeded my expectations in terms of model beauty, acting, and even substance amount and appearance. Throughout the process she was very patient and answered my questions quickly, and she even added her own naughty touch and unexpected elements to the final script, which greatly improved the quality of the video. And all of this for a very fair price. I am now thinking about the next custom to commission her!
-SUBstanceLover    3/29/20    
Definitely recommended :)
I ordered a custom video from sexymessybabes. The waiting time was a bit long but finally the video came out great :D Very proffesional and sexy. Girls--you're very talented


Jan Onufer :)
-Jan Onufer    3/29/20    
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